Re - U - Man: an art project.

Wandering in different power fields--cultural, political, economic, and theological--kept me unable to speak, unable to change and unable to produce. It put my voice, my text, my visualization, my laugh, in a trap of tautological sounds. Therefore I created Re - U - Man, a structure that helps me send my fragmented "I" to you (plural) and re-collect your commentary, for me to speak again in a way that might surprise me. The project begins with the presentation and will continue on the Internet, as well as at stations/installations located in museums, galleries, libraries, and schools.

This is a continuous project which will begin with three stations (a physical space) that are supported by a web site (a virtual space). These stations will be part of a growing art environment created and modified throughout the process.

This is the essence of Re - U - man: a protocol to re-define the "I".